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Yours sincerely dating agency reviews

I know I was lucky that there was someone there when I signed up but if you are really expecting this agency to provide you with someone close to your expectations then sometimes that may mean you have to wait.

It has been nice to always find the same personnel at the company, so we can have a laugh about the past and kick off where we left.

So, thank you Brianne and your team for not matching me to these people and wasting my time, “just for a date”. Check at the door your desperate feeling for finding love5.

My suggestion to anyone looking to use a dating agency to improve your love opportunities are these.1. Have realistic expectations of who you want to meet. If you want this team to be honest with you (as you all say you want), then be strong and not feeble.

My experience with Brianne of youandi introductions has far exceeded my expectations!

After feeling disappointed with the service from another agency, I called Brianne with many questions as I was very reluctant to part with money and be let down again.

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You are bagging out this company for not providing you matches, when to me Brianne knows better than to even contact me or waste my time with someone who is not a match.

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