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Wow updating azeroth models

One wonders why they've fallen so short of what was promised at Blizzcon last year, when Wo W Art Director Chris Robinson essentially promised faithful new versions that players will say, "Yes!That's my character." Whatever the reason, this new model upgrade can't really be considered a success. I thought I'd go through all the new models to see where Blizzard have succeeded, and where there's still work to be done.Ahead of the November launch of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, the decade-old World of Warcraft just received content update 6.0.2.Apart from the patch packing content that portends the new expansion, it also brings with it some of the most deep-rooted and significant changes the game has seen in years, including fundamental changes to stats, a complete recalibration of stat scaling, and sweeping changes to the way all the classes play - much of which included "item pruning" that removed spells Blizzard decided they did not like any more (despite many players feeling the contrary).Alliance [Source] The new human male models are a clear upgrade, but while they look much sharper and better defined than the old models, their facial expressions and dimensions don't seem to tally very well with the originals.

Community manager Bashiok explains, "with the old models looking as...

old as they did, there's always been some amount of interpretation that's going to happen from person to person as they fill in the quality-gaps, and add their own story and character to any of the looks.

Where a squiggly blurry line might look like a scar to you, it might look like freckles to someone else.

With a packed developer update, Blizzard revealed the key features coming in 8.2.5 later this year.

The Firelands raid from the Cataclysm expansion is coming back for this patch, and it’s the third returning raid being revisited with the Timewalking system. With 8.2.5, the Goblin and Worgen races are finally getting their long talked about model updates.

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