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We actually appeared in the "Ever Quest" documentary called "Ever Crack." We shot on set of "The Guild" just a tiny little thing where we're playing hard-core fans with the creators of "Ever Quest." But I didn't actually get into that game either. Parikh: See, I feel like I have to segment my life.

Becker: We've done the work, and now it's the fans who are deciding and buying. Parikh: With the hour that I had them for, or the 58 minutes that I had left on the clock?Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis and Sean Becker were fresh from their raucous "The Guild" panel at Dragon*Con when they sat down with CNN to answer our fan-oriented questions.It was their first time at Dragon*Con, and the crowds did not disappoint.Becker: Actually, the Netflix thing is huge, because people take it more seriously. But if you're a geek about it, that means you just love it.You may look at it and think, "oh, this is just a Web show," but then you see, "this is a Netflix show," and it's on a DVD. You watch it on your TV, and it's shot very well, it's lit well, and it can look like a TV show, really, or a movie.

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While UMAMI in the past allowed us to keep track of members and characters across multiple games, guild management in most games has allowed to no longer need an application tool.

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