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Will yun lee dating

The mini-map incorporates two meters: one shows Shen's health and the other his face.

When the face meter fills, upgrades are unlocked such as health regeneration, improved combat abilities and reduced equipment costs.

Upon its release in 2012, the game received positive reviews for its combat, voice acting, experience system and depiction of the city; but its graphics, camera, and animations were criticized.

Within one year, the game had sold over 1.5 million copies.

If the health bar is depleted, the character will respawn at a hospital.

If the player directs Shen to commit crimes, police response is indicated by a "heat" meter on the HUD.

Actions such as fighting, driving and racing grant Shen statistical rewards and earn the player achievements.

The HUD also displays the weapon carried and its ammunition count.

The game also features role-playing elements based on three types of experience points (XP): Triad, Face and Police XPs.

New outfits, missions and add-ons, as well as three expansion packs, were released as downloadable content in the six months following the game's debut.

A remastered version, subtitled Definitive Edition, was released in October 2014 for Play Station 4, Xbox One and Windows.

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Although the player must complete missions to unlock content and continue the story, they may also wander the game's open world and participate in activities such as visiting a karaoke bar, carjacking, street racing and joining a fight club.

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