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Garland-Houston verifies that he was molested by a woman.After this revelation the documentary shows black-and-white television footage of Dee Dee singing, looking straight into the camera.She was maid of honor at Houston’s 1994 wedding to Bobby Brown.Brown has admitted that he “knew” that the two women were together, though it’s unclear when and how friendship became romance and vice versa.And the record is set “straight” here in one particular way.In this movie, we hear nothing from Crawford herself, but several very nasty things about her from Houston’s brother Gary Garland-Houston, who toured with Whitney as her back-up dancer, did drugs with her, and “protected” her.In the article, she described Houston’s beauty, how she missed her laughter.

In this movie—though not in the previous one—we hear the Houston clan confirm that they paid a man to break Crawford’s legs.

She has already made hits of “The Greatest Love of All,” “How Will I Know,” “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”—all those ’80s classics.

She hasn’t started dating Bobby Brown yet, and she’s still years away from appearing on television visibly high, as she did when Diane Sawyer interviewed her in 2002.

(He went to the tabloids instead.)If there was some kind of deal cut over access, Macdonald got a big payoff for his concession.

Garland-Houston also corroborates a startling claim about Houston’s childhood.

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She was powdered in pink eyeshadow, touted as the happy child of happy parents, and trained to smile wide onscreen. It is straightforward about her drug abuse, and about the control exerted over her by her family and production team.

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