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Who is nate silver dating

However, if you just order of Chinese takeout like you did last weekend, projections show a 16.8 percent drop in possible intercourse and a whopping 74.2 percent upswing in Netflix-streaming, with both of you falling asleep long before the movie is over.In an exit poll from Monday evening, exactly one half of the duo in attendance said they had an unfavorable opinion of the chosen restaurant—Arby’s—wondering if it was some sort of retribution, or if this is sadly what it’s come to. tonight, there was a 77.1 percent increase in annoyance and a 54 percent rise in revulsion based on the way you slurped your capellini, drank 65 percent too much wine and prattled on about your ex-girlfriend Sarah for some reason, even though she has a new boyfriend with a sailboat, and you’ve supposedly moved on, too.Although 0.0 percent of your mutual friends were willing to say anything, 93.9 percent of them saw this coming from the start.Na základě vašeho chování na Heurece personalizujeme její obsah.

The aforementioned emails were placed in a folder marked “,” which actually contains 26 messages you’ve never seen, 23 of which would immediately increase your base paranoia by 87 percent.

There are upwards of 12,000 couples within 10 square miles of your house who had more measurable fun than you did in the last eight weeks, as evidenced by this graph (right).

The red line is indicative of genuine laughter, the purple line represents long, meaningful stares, the blue line shows a water sport or plane ride, and the orange line depicts sunsets or sunrises enjoyed without irony or arguments.

Your incessant, fever-stricken whining lowered your then-approval to 54 percent (although sympathy conversely rose 13.6 percent in that same timeframe).

However, it’s important to note that there no rebound this time, according to polls with a margin of /- 1.

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If this happens, there is an 84 percent chance that it’s that new friend from the gym you keep hearing about (see photo).

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