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James Brown got his Godfather of Soul title and "Hardest working man in show business' moniker by doing what? You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. lyrically.aight but people in the industry these days are just fads so *kanye shrug* TI is too cute for that unflattering pic but I really love him and wish him a great comeback and DRake sux concert was cancelled but as a Canadian and a personal friend of one of Drakes producers and as someone who met drake and thinks hes a fantastic person and artist PLEASE go out and get his album! Jeezy & Jeannie Mai Make It Official » BAE, MEET THE FAM: Rihanna Steps Out For Dinner With Boyfriend Hassan Jameel, Mother & Brothers » Did Judge Mathis SPIT On A Valet?

Hes worked really hard and hes talented as hell As far as T. taking the witness stand, against those dudes who shot AND KILLED his bodyguard/friend/partner; I had said this before, I'll say it again; if someone messes- with;troubles; offends; violates someone IN YOUR CREW and you "take no action", THEN THAT'S, "BREAKING THE CODE ... " With all of the press, media and subsequent law enforcement that incident drew, there is NO WAY T. or-any-and-all "concerned parties" could have took the ... He's Adamant He Didn't, Video Of Incident Released » Star Athlete's Brother Arrested & Charged With Murder In Triple Homicide» Arrest Warrant Issued For Lakers Baller & Newlywed De Marcus Cousins After His Child's Mother Releases Audio Of Him Allegedly Threatening To 'Blow Her Head Off'» Erykah Badu, Niecy Nash, Ciara, H. R., Issa Rae & More SHOW OUT At This Year's #Black Girls Rock!

I'm thankful for the support that the fans have been giving me.... And there ain’t nobody, nowhere in naan jail sayin’ I was on they paperwork.” T. He has to know that a quote like that is just going to start problems with him and Ludacris again, an artist I also enjoy. I have had my fair share of bad experiences with the police but there is no way in hell I will let rapists or murderers roam the streets if I can stop it. too arrogant for me esp since i only serve 1 King and his "kingship" is self-proclaimed like...shouldnt someone else give u that title instead of you givign it to yourself? Speaks Out » Jordyn Woods Responds To NBA Star Karl-Anthony Towns Dating Rumors After They Were Spotted Furniture Shopping Together» What We're NOT Going To Do, Bhad Bhabie, Is This - Barbz Give Bahbie The Dragging She Deserves» Jamie Foxx Hits The L. Club Holding Hands With His 'Mentee' While Katie Holmes Is Solo In NYC» New Boo, Who Dis?

I thank you now." “What people don’t take into consideration is the reason that I was eligible for certain agreements that they weren’t eligible for was because I made myself a useful member of society. My nigga, you wasn’t doing shit when you was out here, so wasn’t no reason for them to keep you out here. I's swagga, arrogance and style ooooozes SEX APPEAL period!!!!! When will these hip-hop people realize that we just want good music that speaks to us and all that "this is my title" stuff is for the birds. Cameron is a bitch nigga anyways so who was really surprised. but people looovveee jumpin on band-wagons so everybody just ran with it *rolls eyes* whatever... It's difficult to verbalize, unless you've been in said situation, or have been place in said "harms way", it's just difficult to explain. It's like a constant ringing in your ears that you just can't shake! Djimon Hounsou Does Date Night With Mystery Woman, Ex-Kimora Lee Simmons Seemingly REACTS» REAL HOT GIRL SH*T: Megan Thee Stallion & Jordyn Woods Get Glammed Up, Twerk, Ride Horses & Drive The BOAT!

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Scott Disick Cops Sofia Richie An Aston Martin For Her 21st Birthday » Bad Gal Ri Ri Popped Out Ready To Turn All The Way Up At Barbados Crop Over After Gathering Trump» STILL FAMILY!

Rihanna & Her Dad Share The Love At Crop Over Despite The Fact She's Suing Him» Russell Simmons Condemns Donald Trump's Post-Mass Shooting Speech & Reveals He Introduced Him To His Black Girlfriend» Go Off Coco!

We unlike most rappers TI made no excuses for what he did he was a real man about his business I respect him to the fullest and even when he knew he was going to prison he gave back and sought redemption from his fans and community he is the only rapper I have ever known to do this so I will always refer to and respect him as the only King of the south and unlike some I am from the dirty south and I appreciate when rappers from the south make us look good thanks TI and haters beware HE's BACK All of you numb nuts who get off on this snitching nonsense and G codes need to wake up and realize you are destroying the African American community with your silliness. Straight played himself because there is a police report on file when he got that ass whooped in 99, and filed an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT! I thought one of the top rules in any Streets was F*ck the POLICE, NOW WHEN DID IT BECOME ACCEPTABLE FOR "GANGSTA'S" TO COROBERATE WITH THE COPS? The REAL gangsta's have a code of SILENCE, which is an oxymoron when speaking about those who RAP for a living. The public needs to stop buying into that fake shit, period. If memory serves, he was in Kansas City, or some other Mid-West City - NOT ATLANTA! NOT to mention, this incident just drew too much attention; too much cameras; too much press for any ...."proper action" to be taken. And it was the dude's brother, the one who - did the shooting - who did the talking, NOT T. being that he had more than 5 illegal machine guns and only got a year in jail..

yeah youre a GREAT musician, but get off your high horse . 'least to street dudes he is; brings me to my question - With the authorities not allowing CBreezy into the U. BUT NOW THAT THEY ARE FAMOUS THEY CANT LIVE BY THE G CODE IMO, "snitching" is telling on someone to keep yourself from trouble (nicky barnes, frank lucas, Alpha Mega). If you do the crime, no one should have to take your place behind that wall because you are WEAK AND SCARED of prison. Cameron is an IDIOT for saying he wouldn't tell on a serial killer that lived next door. You'll never hear a REAL gangsta on wax talking about being "gangsta". You probably being a welfare baby wouldnt know that. If anything, TI is more connected with the government.

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Drake issues a statement to his fans, and we've got that and video of the foolery when you read on... Folks were repotedly throwing chairs, tables, fighting, and the usual shenanigans that would go down at some free over populated ish like this. You have done more damage than the Klan could every hope to. $3o Air J0rdan sh0es, Sh0x sh0es, Gucci,1V sh0es $33 True-Religion jeans, Ed Hardy jeans,1V, C00gi jeans, Aff1icti0n jeans $15 Ed-Hardy ,1v , Guc ci Bikini $15 P0L0, Ed-Hardy, Gu cci, 1v, Lac0ste T-shirts $25 C0ach, Gu cci,1v, Prada, Juicy, Chane1 handbag, $10 C0ach, Ed-Hardy,1v sunglasses $9 New Era caps. Fuck a G code because people who live by that shit either end up in jail or dead by 25. Snitching is telling on someone to keep yourself out of trouble. thre is no need worry about what people say about..still talkin about somethin that happen a 1-2 years ago..whateva.the haters continue to hate...that's what they are there for! I think some people hate cause their patnas/babydaddys (you know, Ray Ray n 'nem) are doing long time for bullshit! Hell, I'm NOWHERE near RICH & could giv less than a half fu*k what anybody THINKS abt me either......JEALOUSY period! » EXCLUSIVE: The Black Girl Love Fest At Black Girls Rock!