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The names of his parents are Sylvia Champion and James H.Champion and they must be very proud of what he has achieved in his wonderful career.All Jewish boys are required to make Bar Mitzvah, however; no specific record is available in this regard for Sam Champion.The cast of Sea Rescue - 2012 includes: Sam Champion Sam Champion as himself Laurie Conrad as Herself - Seaworld Rescue Team, Assistant Curator of Birds Christopher Dold as Himself - Seaworld Veterinarian Jody Westberg as Herself - Seaworld Rescue Team SEASON 1: Anna, Khalil, Julia, Brian, Taylor, and Noah.His personal life has been perfect and he does not seem to have any complains with it.He was dating his boyfriend Rubem Robierb before the couple got married in the year 2012.He also hosted one of the most popular shows of all time, Good Morning America.

He is openly gay which means he will never get married to a woman or have a wife.

When he was a local weather man in Jacksonville, FL (WJXX, I'm almost certain) in the 1980's he was married to a female reporter who worked with him there - I remember the station promoting it heavily.

I don't remember her name, but do remember she was a real hottie. You cannot find ANY reference to her whatsoever, nor to his previous marriage, on the internet - it has been completely scrubbed.

Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish ceremony, which requires a boy to offer all religious and other duties associated with the Jewish religion as soon as he turns 13.

Sam Champion is a known weather anchor for the ABC network.

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He got an opportunity to work for the channel called WPSD-TV and he did not let that chance slip through his hands.

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