White label dating guide book

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White label dating guide book

These extreme weather lines would come to be hugely influential in The North Face’s evolution throughout the ’90s and ’00s and would spawn the Summit Series line, among others.Odyssey Holdings acquired The North Face in 1988, after which the company invested heavily in equipment, but couldn’t keep up with demand.

On the one hand it is one of the most widely accessible brands in the world, available in malls, second-hand shops and outdoor speciality retailers on every continent.

While technically not a distinct arm of the company, The North Face’s collaborative projects deserve some attention when it comes to defining the brand’s many identities.

The ’80s saw important developments for The North Face.

As a result, The North Face wasn’t capable of meeting orders on its books and was faced with a revenue shortfall in the face of rising expenditure.

In 1993, Odyssey Holdings filed for bankruptcy for The North Face.

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In 1986 the brand quietly unveiled what would be one of its first collaborations—if not the first—that, in 2018, would dwarf its ongoing partnership with Supreme in terms of cultural gravitas.