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Many professionals and small business owners rely on Burner to run their business, so we thought it would be interesting to showcase some of our most compelling customers, people who rely on Burner and our commitment to personal privacy to help run their day-to-day operations.

The first person we thought of was Marc Bourne, a cyber intelligence expert and licensed private investigator from the Know It All Intelligence Group.

Yes, we definitely recommend Burner to all of our clients that are seeking privacy.

Matt: So as a way to separate your personal life and your work life, and as a way to protect your personal information. Matt: As a cyber intelligence expert, can you tell us a little bit about how carrier phone numbers—which are the numbers that the carrier assigns to someone when they give them a phone plan—are associated with public and private records of people's personal information?

Before we get started, can you just tell us a little bit about your background?

So the first thing we tell them is get a Burner app, make sure that anything you use for your professional life is on the Burner app.

We use it on a daily basis in almost every aspect of our investigations.

Usually, we will create a separate Burner number for every investigation that we're doing.

At Burner, we often encounter people who have no idea that their personal information has probably already been exposed through nonchalant usage of their carrier phone number online.

Marc’s background in cyber intelligence gives him unique insights into this danger.

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Know It All Intelligence Group is entering its eighteenth year this year for all types of investigations. Marc: First of all, Matt, I've got to tell you—I love Burner.

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