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Key usage can be specified in either the "Key Usage" or "Extended Key Usage" attribute based on the validation requirements of the application.

When a key pair is renewed on a CA the new certificate should not use the same path as the original certificate unless the private key for the CA and the authority key identifier (AKI) are not changed as part of the renewal.

Another example of this is when you receive a digitally signed e-mail; the e-mail signature is only valid if the sender's e-mail matches the e-mail address listed on the certificate (under RFC822 Name).

In the initial two versions of the X.509 standard the only way to assert an identity was to use the "Subject" field of the certificate.

Values for the EKU field are defined in a number of different RFCs.

Some examples of extended key usages include: Another important part of validating a certificate is ensuring that it chains to a trusted root CA.

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Later, when version 3 of the X.509 standard was passed, the "Subject Alternative Name" (sometimes referred to as a "SAN" field) was added allowing the issuer additional flexibility in specifying the identity of the authenticating entity.