Validating leadership competencies

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Validating leadership competencies

The shared value of all participants is professionalizing leadership and management of health systems globally.

To further promote these shared values and enhance the leadership and management practices in healthcare, the Global Consortium for Healthcare Management Professionalization was created and is recognized and supported by the International Hospital Federation (2).

Implications for theory and future research are also discussed.

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These included the United States’ Healthcare Leadership Alliance Competency Model (3, 4), Canada’s Canadian College of Health Leaders LEADS model (5), Australia’s competency model developed by Health Workforce and supported by the Australasian College of Health Service Management (6), the United Kingdom’s competency model developed by the NHS Leadership Academy (7), the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) Core Competencies for Public Health framework (8), and the emerging country’s competency model developed by Management Sciences for Health for the United States Agency for International Development (9–11).

After reviewing the various competency models, the SMEs agreed to develop a global competency framework patterned on the United States’ Healthcare Leadership Alliance (HLA) competency directory.

From this preliminary list,they drafted a list of knowledges, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to reflect competencies needed globally.

In many countries, national associations have been created by healthcare managers for sharing knowledge, information, and expertise.

In some countries, associations have a formal mandate to represent the profession, while in other countries they exist as ad hoc groups without regulatory or legal authority.

It was sent in survey format in November and December 2013 to experts from a variety of healthcare management settings and locations throughout the world, including those in government, associations, academia, and healthcare management (see Table 1).

The experts reviewed the directory, gave feedback, and ranked the competencies according to importance for the healthcare management settings in their countries.

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While major differences exist in the contexts where healthcare managers operate around the world, all have a common responsibility to enhance the leadership and managerial capacity and capability of their membership as well as promote the profession they represent (1).

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