Validating integer with regularexpressionvalidator

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Validating integer with regularexpressionvalidator

However, Regular Expression Validator is one of the most useful validators, because it can be used to check the validity of any kind of string.

If you don't feel like learning Regular Expressions, but still feel like using this validator, have a look around the Internet.

You'll need to do this when creating a Cancel button.

See the last section of this chapter, "Disabling Validation," for sample code that demonstrates how to do this.

On the client, JScript regular-expression syntax is used. This method is used primarily by control developers. NET page framework to notify server controls that use composition-based implementation to create any child controls they contain in preparation for posting back or rendering.

For this reason, in the past, many developers decided to add all their form validation logic exclusively to server-side code.

The Validation controls automatically generate both client-side and server-side code.

If a browser is capable of supporting Java Script, client-side validation scripts are automatically sent to the browser.

For example, you can use the Validation controls to check whether a form field has a value, check whether the data in a form field falls in a certain range, or check whether a form field contains a valid e-mail address or phone number. Even if you need to perform a very specialized form validation task, you can do so by using this control.

Traditionally, Web developers have faced a tough choice when adding form validation logic to their pages.

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property, you can use this property to disable client-side scripts for particular validation controls or for all validation controls.

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