Updating portage cache

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This part does not differ much from a regular Funtoo Linux installation (https://

We recommend using The Funtoo stage3 includes a linux kernel and initramfs.

The pool will be automatically mounted at the (temporary) location When booting from ZFS, you must specify a boot device and a root file system within the pool that was identified by the boot device.

" to import and mount your storage pool (rpool) and chroot back into your Funtoo environment. Swap must be turned off to free the pool for export.

These include Setting up a build server requires building the server.

It comes to no surprise that we will not be benefiting from a build server initially here, but once the build infrastructure is set up, we might be able to use the existing build results (which will be stored on the NFS server) to recreate the build infrastructure. non-virtualized) system because it will be very CPU and memory hungry and can use all the resources it can have.

This will also result in an attempt to mount the various ZFS filesystems that you created.

Mounting your root partition (/) will fail since this location is not empty; / is allocated to the live CD/USB distribution! Follow the earlier set of instructions to chroot into your Funtoo Installation on ZFS root.

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Installing on UEFI requires a separate partition for /boot, formatted as FAT32, and is out of the scope of this guide, even though installation on UEFI is certainly possible.

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