Updating platform sun4u boot archive

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Updating platform sun4u boot archive

(If you arent using flash archives to install, then you'll also need to distribute out $DESTDIR/Solaris_10/Product somehow) It is indeed vexing that they name BOTH of the critical directories as "boot".

You cant quite specify a bootstrap file to load DIRECTLY, with "file=

This is rather important, since the newer EEPROMS have disabled the ability to set "tftpboot-server" as a "boot net" command line option! This is a particularly murky operation, that aparently returns an ISO FILESYSTEM, containing what deems to be the "most appropriate" versions of and system.conf, for that particular client.

Of particular interest, is that the "system.conf" file is specified as a relative path to the file chosen, unless you explicitly use absolute-url syntax Request "rootfs" parameter from wanboot.

Yet oddly, doing a "normal" jumpstart, does not have this problem. you must create either a subnet specific wanboot.conf, or a client-specific one.

It was not clear from the sun docs I initially read, that the file must be named "wanboot.conf", in an appropriately named directory.

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Per my observations, a wanboot client goes through the following steps, after you type "boot net - install".