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The refresh approach enables you to keep a set of tables and the materialized views defined on them to be always in sync.

In this refresh method, the user does not directly modify the contents of the base tables but must use the APIs provided by the synchronous refresh package that will apply these changes to the base tables and materialized views at the same time to ensure their consistency.

There are, however, cases when the only refresh method available for an already built materialized view is complete refresh because the materialized view does not satisfy the conditions specified in the following section for a fast refresh.

, you can use the SQL*Loader or any bulk load utility to perform incremental loads of detail data.

Therefore, you should always consider the time required to process a complete refresh before requesting it.

The in-place refresh executes the refresh statements directly on the materialized view.

The out-of-place refresh creates one or more outside tables and executes the refresh statements on the outside tables and then switches the materialized view or affected materialized view partitions with the outside tables.

The synchronous refresh method is well-suited for data warehouses, where the loading of incremental data is tightly controlled and occurs at periodic intervals.

, a complete refresh must be requested before it can be used for the first time.

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Performing a refresh operation requires temporary space to rebuild the indexes and can require additional space for performing the refresh operation itself.

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