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Updating favorites cpu

You may need to dig around your file system in search of an accidentally moved file, check your Recycle Bin to see if it was accidentally deleted, or attempt to restore it from a backup (assuming one exists).If you can't find your missing My Favorites list, you may have no other choice than to try data recovery tools or recreate it from scratch.

Choose Select Device Data and Settings and browse for your favorite browser bookmarks backup.The Favorites icon is frequently accidentally deleted.Fortunately, it's just a shortcut link that can easily be restored – once you know where to look.You can use this same technique in reverse to create manual backups periodically.You can also copy and paste your Bookmarks file (the one located in the C:\users\ \App Data\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles folder) to a USB drive or some other form of media to transfer your My Favorites file to a different computer.

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Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox stores your My Favorites file in a folder on your hard drive.