Updating bsd 5 3

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Updating bsd 5 3

Type in:portsnap fetch update Any downloaded updates will be automatically extracted and included in your current Ports Tree.After you have installed software, it is critical to know when a newer version is available.If you were running 8.x or 9x, you would have to make minor OS updates (e.g. Updates are downloaded from the 'net, so if your connection is spotty, the software will Time-Out, and you will have to accomplish the updates at a later time. It can do many things to keep your OS running smoothly; updating your current OS, upgrading to the next minor/major versions, rolling-back to a "good" working version.For this task, we will just be getting minor OS updates and installing them.

Keeping the Ports Tree up-to-date is vital to keeping your installed code base current.

Additional installed software also may require updates to ensure smooth running code.

These Know which version of Free BSD you are running.

In 2005, Free BSD was the most popular open-source BSD operating system, accounting for more than three-quarters of all installed BSD systems.

Free BSD has similarities with Linux, with two major differences in scope and licensing: Free BSD maintains a complete system, i.e.

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