United church of christ dating minister

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United church of christ dating minister

Its purpose is to help minister to the physical and mental health, emotional stability and community spirit of people living in deforested urban and blighted areas across the state of Massachusetts.Specific goals of the Mass Re Leaf Ministry are to: The Mass Re Leaf Ministry offers local religious organizations, working in coordination with their respective municipalities and other local organizations, unique opportunities to lead real, hands-on tree-care projects to improve the quality of our shared environment and enhance the lives of thousands of citizens living in population centers across Massachusetts.Lead a Mass Re Leaf Ministry Project on “Public Lands” The primary tree-care projects that the Mass Re Leaf Ministry facilitates through local religious organizations, working with local municipal counterparts and other local organizations, are on “Public Lands” and are generally large projects.Grant application guidelines and forms for these types of projects can be downloaded by clicking on the Mass Re Leaf Ministry Grant Application Guidelines and Forms shown below.The goal of this new program is to offer a simple way to get local religious organizations interested in planting trees for the environmental benefits they provide to people in municipal areas and as a small way to help reduce Global Warming.The first of these “Access Qualified Private Lands” projects was completed by the Wellesley Congregational Church in December, 2009 as a practical service complement to their “350 Bell Ringing” religious environmental education event.Under this “Access Qualified Private Lands” program, the Mass Re Leaf Ministry tree-care facilitation services available to local religious organizations are as follows: • Reimbursement of the cost of trees needed to conduct tree-care projects on “Access Qualified Private Lands” as part of religious environmental events.• Education about theological environmental responsibilities and the benefits provided by trees to humans in an urban setting. • Proper tree-planting and maintenance technique training.

Lead a Mass Re Leaf Ministry Project on “Access Qualified Private Lands” The Mass Re Leaf Ministry also offers a program to support planting trees on “Access Qualified Private Lands” (such as local religious organization properties) as part of religious environmental events.

The Benefits of Healthy Urban and Community Forests The environmental benefits of healthy urban and community forests are many, but some of them are summarized below for your benefit: Our urban and community forests provide: Our urban and community forests reduce levels of pollutants such as solid particles, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and others that seriously impact human physical, mental and emotional health negatively.

Each urban tree absorbs an average of 15 times the pollution of pristine forest trees.

With over 5,000 churches and nearly one million members across the U.

S., the UCC serves God in the co-creation of a just and sustainable world.

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