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Uncensored chat forums

Anyway, if you just want to watch it for the ecchi part, then you shouldn't watch the show until the Blu Ray version is released.If you don't want a softcore/medium ecchi, then you might consider watching something else. Nudity, sex, orgasms, dirty talk, vanilla, because it involves a couple doing things consensually.At first I wanted to drop the show but I decided to keep watching the show because the comedy part is pretty nice.I really like how every part begin the same way haha.Seems i have to settle on fan-art on sites like danbooru if i want actually uncensored content...It's hard to tell with that over-censored episodes but for the moment the anime would fit in the "Medium [-]" category: Most scenes are basic ecchi and only the infirmary scene stand out from the crowd. Basically, you can find the same scene in Asa Made Jugyou Chu in a "harder way".Does anybody know if there will be an uncensored version?I heard people saying that the uncensored version is going to come out later, but is that true?

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