Ubuntu 9 04 not updating

Posted by / 04-Jun-2020 19:26

Ubuntu 9 04 not updating

Well, I trust the Beaver knows what it's doing with my PC, so yes, you can!What I didn't think about, but I'm glad Beaver did, was tell me about a 'no candidate' list.It contains parts from most years between 2006 (Case, PSU) and 2016 (SDD).It was running Unity, but because of the 'antique' AMD power efficient but slow CPU (4850e), Unity became more and more like a slow snake, until the desktop became unusable.To actually update, first, I configured Ubuntu only to update to 'LTS-releases'.

Second time I ran the command, it told me within a minute, I can update to Bionic, that sounded like great news! Next, it presented me with a list of packages to remove, and if I was OK with it?This process in Ubuntu is quite inefficient: It deletes 1 out of 6 kernels, than configures the other 5, removes the next, configures the other 4, removes the next, configures again... It shows me the usual notice about 'Spectre retpoline' and my usual 'ATA' messages, probably because the old unused HDD which I was too lazy to remove. Until after 50 seconds, luckily this was just a timeout.But after that and cleaning up some more stuff, after maybe two hours from which from time to time it needed my attention, it was all the suddenly done. Have to admit by now, I have been the stubborn salamander back in time, refusing to use swap.But this being Linux I can always choose between XFCE and Gnome when I want, or install other environments.'$ lsb_release -a' indeed shows I'm on 18.04 now, funny enough Gnome uses my Unity background which I haven't seen in over a year!

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But luckily there was the option of 'none' for the configuration! I tried to maximize to the terminal to see what's going on, but this option was grayed out. A few minutes later, I was able to maximize the terminal (?

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