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Gay Pride-2000 Organizers Encountered Difficulties Preparing the Festival From 2 to 9 September 2001 in Minsk hosted the third Pride Festival in support of tolerance towards LGBT "Belarus Gay Pride" 2001.During the Pride festival in Minsk cinema "Victory" was screened movies of the famous French director François Ozon, organized by Minsk "Cinema club".Also this day was held a carnival-show travesty-artists under the slogan "We choose love".

Was laid flowers to the monument and distended a giant rainbow flag, memory of the victims held a moment of silence.

Were shown 4 film by François Ozon's such as "Sitcom", "Criminal Lovers," "Under the Sand," "Drops of rain on hot stones." The movie screenings have had great success with the Minsk viewer.

Hall for 500 people every day was full, not everyone managed to find a free space.

Communication has been disabled, and organizing committee was deprived the possibility of immediately contact with human rights organizations and the media.

Only in the evening the organizing committee was received final information about what the club "Reactor" is also canceled all night events.

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Thus, not been displayed a collection of clothes, were abolished appearances Minsk and international artists, not take place contest "Miss DIVA-2000" and the first championship of Belarus on a male strip show.

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