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Tiny tiny rss not updating

Now, I was wondering what the login name and password was, or how to set them.

The installation notes are clear that you should log in with "admin" and "password" respectively.

And it's open source and you can install it on your own server -- excellent.

It's pretty easy to install, has a ton of features, a choice of methods for updating feeds (daemon, cron, background PHP while using the site), and even a plugin architecture.

I have it running on my EC2 instance using Apache with FCGI/PHP and My SQL and it seems reasonably fast, though I think I may need to do some tweaking to gzip and browser caching settings for some files. I had to search for a couple of options, including the OPML import -- the preferences section has both tabs and top and bottom bars within each tab for separate sections of settings -- but once you get used to the interface most things are in consistent locations.

If you access the app on a mobile device, it will automatically switch to a mobile UI (there's an option to use the full UI).

ls -l /etc/webbapps/tt-rss/ tells mefor /etc/webapps/ What made me suspicous is that there is no in /srv/http/tt-rss/. The following lines are working for me, but there might be security issues - or better ways to get it working!

In my last post I was thinking about what to do now that Google Reader is headed for end-of-life.

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I symlinked like I was told in the wiki: I can point my browser to the installer on and do the steps over there.

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