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Thats so raven ye olde dating game

Watch That's So Raven (2003–2007) full episodes online.

Synopsis: No ordinary teenager; Raven Baxter can see glimpses of the future!

Raven is extremely excited when she is hosting her first proper party.

The season introduces the Baxter family, Raven, Cory, Tanya Baxter and Victor Baxter as they manage with Raven and her ability to see into the future.

Raven goes out with an older boy, against her parents' wishes.

As always, the night turns into a disaster when Raven's date turns out to be a disgusting and rude slob, and her parents turn up at the restaurant.

Raven has been paired with Ben "Stinky" Sturkey for a science project.

However, his unbearable body odor poses a big difficulty when it comes to completing their DNA model.

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However, Raven starts feeling guilty, so she doesn't send the video of Nicki looking like a disaster to Nicki's party.