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Today Kyra and I will discuss tips for helping teens learn how to end a relationship. People use breaking up as a threat, a punishment, or a method of controlling their partners.

By the way, this teenage break up advice also works for adults: Never dump (or threaten to dump) anyone you don’t really want to break up with.

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That’s good for about a twenty or thirty minute conversation.

Instead, it goes on for hours and really amounts to a campaign intended to wear down the dumper and get back together. This year, my high school newspaper staff didn’t cover Valentine’s Day the way we used to, simply because in the past, the teen couples we interviewed usually broke up just before the deadline—a week later.

Hey, just poke at your own ancient memories with a stick.

Instead, think of breaking up as deleting someone from your life.Instead of trying to convince your adolescent that it is not the end of the world, there are many more constructive ways to help your teen to cope and move past a breakup.Lauren Griffin began writing professionally in 2010.The best thing you can do is be there to support them and let them know you have their back — and they have your ear whenever they need it.Breakups are often confusing and miserable no matter who instigated the split.

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Moreover, if the dumpee pushes hard enough, the dumper will accidentally slip and say something she means. The lovebirds would go from giggling and telling reporters about their favorite date together, to avoiding eye contact and demanding their quotes be pulled from the story. Here’s my advice for teens on how to end a relationship responsibly: Don’t do it over social media.

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