Tamagotchi v5 dating cheat

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Tamagotchi v5 dating cheat

The Celebrity V5 has the same pause method as the regular V5 which is a different pausing function than previous versions, to pause on Celebrity V5 send your characters on holiday using the Travel Show (or all-inclusive ticket), they will be on pause until you call them back. Unless you have The Royal Family, in which case only Princess Tamako can get married. The dating channel can be used 3 times a day, if you don't say yes to any of the 3 mates then the Match Maker will fall asleep until the next day. There are 4 different combinations you can use to obtain The Gotchi King Family, make sure your Family has 100% Bonding before they marry then follow one of the combinations below - Your Princess Tamako Tamasumatchi Your Tamasumatchi Princess Tamako Your Rosutchi Prince Tamahiko Your Prince Tamahiko Rosutchi When you get The Gotchi King Family different family events will happen on-screen depending on which combination you used to achieve them. No this is not a glitch, in The Gotchi King Family the main character evolves directly into Princess Tamako, the other baby evolves into Princess Tamakoko. To get these families simply concentrate on one specific type of training/bonding item when they call.

You can also effectively pause your tamagotchi by leaving it in the Set Time mode (Push button B, then button A and C together. However if you set the clock for your Tamagotchis to go to sleep and then set it back to the correct time she will wake up and you will get 3 more tries. Using mainly the first item will result in a Sociable Family, using mainly the second item will result in an Active Family and using mainly the third item will result in an Artistic Family.

Depending on how you care for the family they will aspire to different talents such as intelligence or creativity doing art. There's so much to explain about this version of the connection that it's not even funny.

You get to raise 3 characters on one screen as a family!

You only have to purchase a seeds packet once, as they do not get used up.

If you can't afford the "Nyoki Nyoki" bottle, you can cheat. As soon as your character has woken up, check your tree.

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To plant a tree, activate the treasure chest icon, then select the first menu entry.

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