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If you think you may have been drugged and raped, get medical care right away.

Call 911 or have a trusted friend take you to a hospital emergency room.

Even though it may be difficult, it is important to tell a doctor or nurse what happened and that you might have been drugged so they can test for the right drugs.

Date rape drugs can make you feel drunk even if you haven’t drunk any alcohol.

You may also feel like the effects of drinking alcohol are much stronger than usual or more than you expect based on how much you drank. This can make it difficult to tell if you were drugged and raped.

You might not be aware of an attack until many hours later, or you may not remember what happened.

Someone who commits date rape can be someone you know well, someone you know through friends, or someone you just met.

Nearly 11 million women in the United States have been raped while drunk, drugged, or high.

Date rape drugs are any type of drug or alcohol used to make rape or sexual assault easier.

Drinking alcohol and taking drugs at the same time increases the risk of sexual assault.

If you are drunk or passed out you cannot give consent for sexual activity.

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Or date rape drugs can be put into a drink without you knowing.