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I'm Ali, 18, I'm 5ft 6, blonde hair to my waist and I've been told I look like a supermodel. We were doing our weapons training, with real bullets and aiming at targets. "Ali is feeling much better, could I maybe take her to her room, and if I take an itercom, could she sleep in her bed?

I have had a crush on Mark, the CCF( combined cadet forces) junior( helper). My story begins on the coach holding 40 howdy teens, a very scary teacher by the name of Mr Henry and Mark the God heading to Army Training Camp. But we made it and headed to the assult course for training. Being the only girl on camp, I got a room to myself, which was nice. Robert, a jerk who thought he was cool was so close to falling asleep that he dropped his gun, without the safety on. She came over, and mark said "is it possible to be left alone for a while, we need to talk about something private? I think she might stop shouting in her sleep if she feels more comfortable." "alright, but you must stay with her at all times, alright?

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I screamed with pain , which alerted the medical examiner to give me more morphine. I then noticed Mark huddled in a corner, fast asleep in a chair. " I just pulled him closer to me, until he was lying on top of me, but putting his weight on his arms on either side of my head. I shook into an orgasmic state and I swear the best orgasm of my life. " I felt warmness in me and relised he had given me his cum! We fell asleep and I was women up on numerous occasions by the pain of my hip, which woke him up too a d we found the only way to ease the pain was good old fashioned fucking!!!

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