Stop playing dating games

Posted by / 04-Jul-2020 07:07

Stop playing dating games

The hard to get player will take a genuine interest in your life.

They may still not seem 100%, keen and will try to maintain the act of indifference, but the personal questions they ask give them away.

There's a huge misconception out there that you have to be clever and manipulative when dating someone new to keep them on their toes, and somehow that is supposed to make them want you more.

While this may work for a little while, this immature tactic absolutely does not pay off in the end.

However, if someone is not interested, you should have noticed an extreme change in their behaviour.

Maybe initially they were approachable and keen, then after a while seem distant and unavailable.

Like John Travolta’s character Danny Zuko in Grease, the men of today (and yesteryear) all labour through the trials of dating under the misguided notion that “playing it cool” gets the girl. Well, if the dating game today is anything to go by, then apparently we do.

They will also probably have another time and date in mind so you two can get together.Quite often this type of person just needs someone to talk to or to give them advice.You might feel like their best friend and that things are going well, but it’s possible that you are just a feel good friend that makes them feel better about themselves.It's almost become a rule at this point in our society that you have to play mind games with your crush to keep them interested in you.But "playing the game" makes dating and relationships giant headaches when they don't have to be that way.

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In fact, you'll be more emotionally in debt than you were before you decided to play the game.