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Speed dating 2016 limited dvdrip x264 feel

DID WE MISS THE VOTE TO SUPPORT HIM OR THE VOTE TO SPEND OUR UNION DUES??? MOGRASS WAS AGAIN EXPOSED FOR THE IDIOT THAT HE IS... RETURN OUR UNION TO THE BODY, STEWARDS AND THE ASSEMBLY!!! [ Post a Reply to This Message ] We will be closing these message boards June 1st. We had direct attacks from the commissioners office and union officials that took exception to us, and many others over the years, and held tight through it all. I would like to empower anyone and everyone who looks at this page to please for the good of your job and the jobs of your fellow officers to pick up a phone and flood the MCOFU Union Office!!! They are currently in talks with DOC Officials to restructure all bids in order to even out shifts to reduce the OT without even discussing it with the body.HE IS MORE CONCERNED ABOUT BEING THE GOV'S PUPPET THAN HE IS REPRESENTING US. However we have become irrelevant with Facebook and Twitter. Massmoderators [ Post a Reply to This Message ] We need your help fellow Officers. Talks are that they will strip all bids and put them back up for rebid starting with the highest seniority!!


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We are thinking about opening a Facebook page as we know that we have earned the trust of the officers over the years to be an independent source to vent and get information. At MCI Norfolk, the union is going to take all of our bids away and have everybody rebid them. So those of you that won your bid fair and square will now possibly be displaced to another shift and days off!!!

This is statewide and Norfolk is proposed to be the test facility where it will happen first. The DOC cannot be allowed to destroy people's lives.

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