Solid soul mates dating

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Solid soul mates dating

The sand would shift and assume a geometrical figure corresponding to the particular note that was played.When another is sounded, the sand will shift and assume another figure. – Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God.Albert Einstein said: “Everything is vibration” There is no solidity in the universe.A form that appears solid is actually created by an underlying vibration.Converting energy into matter isn’t completely new to physicists.

– We each have our own vibrations, and vibrate at our own rate.

The laser unleashed a tiny but powerful sliver of light lasting about one trillionth of a second (one picosecond) — just half a millimeter long.

Packed into this sliver were more than two billion billion photons.

Vibrations express themselves in corresponding geometrical figures and in this way build up crystals that are the expression of vibration.

Crystals collectively form a body of an element according to its particular vibration.

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