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The storm sank four ships in Tokyo Bay, one of them a tanker with 21 crewmen aboard.

242-108th YEAR 70 PAGES VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1966 Hopes Higher —A Little Bit Fire Licks Near Wilson LIVERPOOL (AF) — Pellce Saturday lavesttgatsd a mid eight fire fa aa. We anticipate a continuance and increase of local support in the future we have already received a promise of Canada Council assistance during the coming year— we are hopeful hat various level* of government will also prove helpful. It ha* been sakl Canada 1* a Mayfair last year a* Bobby basing our hopes on,” said nice place — to be frtm. Resident conductor Otto- Wemer Mueller leaves In Jsnu- r es po n s e then we wdl follow up| ary and then it*r or live guests by mndlhic out a schedule erf i will take over toe orchestra our season's events.” It will be tram their natos the tons* to 200 new season new muatcerf daw e tor to choaen. The plan at to# mosnent Is tor With this oash In toe bank k! Nanaimo and irababjy MOBE FBOMBING John de Jarna M. "Even tfaswe y ro rokh can Dip a few sayings of Mao Tse-tung,” a housewife who has Just visited Canton remarked, ji Mt believe they reran, since lack of knowledge actly where they are of the Maoist gospel result* in and exactly how they maltreatment as there. of tite noting Iron cwtaln — as well aa toe underdevelopad world. - The rhhwoa tradition, Hke the a do U»o ect Red Guardi into city, The overriding purpo M of Bw Marxist, exptietty affirms that Communist leaden to to Bans- * to both possible and deatrabte ■teab Hsh a new ririlzatian by form the country tola • strong, to areata ■ "new man” who *** d respected, and dominant power, win, at once, aitabttoh and “^ e * ant ^_ p ? New Location The Music Hall has signed a top California comedian to appear for two weeks in Last year we progressed from rather unsuitable quarters on Government Street to better facilities on Pandora Ave. Here we have two offices and the use of a very attractive boardroom, and as soon as the University completes its move to Gordon Head, more room will become available. Entertainment Crystal garden Me Morran* Empress Rail room Motel* and Hotels Ingraham Century Inn Empress Slumber Lodge Hotel Douglas Tally Ho Doric Red Lion Inn Dominion Hotel Cherry Bend Colony Bol Isle Souvenir and Gift Shop* Birks Indian Craft Shoppe Victoria Gift Shop Follow ihe Bird* to Vic¬ toria Record Productions New* Media Victoria Daily Time* Victoria Daily Colonial CJVI , CKDA CFAX Point* of Interest Butchart Gardena Fable Cottage Olde England Inn Royal I-codon Wax Museum Undersea Gardens Wooded Wonderland Yukon Tour* English Miniature Gardens Tally Ho Tours The Viotnri* 9ym|d*ny will blow off She cobweb* at Sidney In concert Friday night m a dry run tor the Reason ojienrr at tie Royal Theatre new Sunday M 3 p m. * who daim to have seen a huge black serpent with two horns swimming in Lake Catemaco, 100 miles southwest of Vera Cruz. 31 We wish to thank the supporters of ihe Tourist of the Week Program who made it possible for visiting couple* Chosen by Victoria Jaycecs to he guests of the tourist industry. is organizing a powerful membership drive, with the able assistance of the Women 1 *’ Committee under Mrs. Thlrlwall If you are not a member of the Society, you can' obtain full information about the benefits and privileges of membership by eontactimr our secretary, Mr*, Marion Holden, at Dunlop House, 1960 Lansdowne. Phone 384- 9523 HIE GIRL CAN’T HELP IT Tom Ewell • Jayne Mansfield A fast-moving, romantic comedy about racketeers and show busi- neas. s « s 11 s ■ Htraagars, who Isav* Victoria this coming wssluutd to try their distinc¬ tive seued eve n see, Isr Mr, ivem toll, Mike ntymart, Bill Hlewsrt, Was Chambers, Bob Fa aids (sestod). There's Still Time to Get BASTION THEATRE = SEASON TICKETS See Bastion'* current hit musical “School for Wives” * Plus six other great shows Savin Show* far tba Prtea af Six Deadline—Saturday, Oct. " "Kiss Mi, Stupid” Hraa lfla HIa, Kin Xavacfc Ba Ul| CEplnutat Victoria, B. 25, 1966 J Symphony: 26th Season Biggest Ever 2nd FUN - FILLED WEEK » m mas Hfcift w ttfor i w B ! To round cuil toe season, programming has vv otuded a number rrf works being heard for toe first time here. Um Ancrl M Tim*« sex scene* violating common standards of decency shall not he protrayed. • Words or symbol* con- Bastioa Theatre Ob Stage in Victoria Presenting Marge Adelberg's Musical Comedy SCHOOL FOR WIVES (and olhart! «•«*« £■ Wete Coast' of Vancouver itehbndf .^ m r lalaud—Cloudy, little change in xmawtre. m Bt ear jy ^atreday by a bar- vriiere the summer rioting was rage of rock* end betelee. Queues spd out of bookstores, and a brisk trade has developed to Importing Mao's writings team neighboring Hang Kong. Malcolm Taylor and Ihe University of Victoria we have moved our office to Dunlop House, I960 Lansdowne. "We have a few friends over __ e nttvntfi 4 #in there, some relative*,” Barry (! t In A|a-d toe Theme and Invention erf Christopher Steed will get its North American prrmaere here. SKCIAL POPULAR PRICES SPECIAL SCHEDULED MATINEES WED. I haven't seen them since.” Minnesota Fats, the great¬ est poolroom hustler of them ail and in real life Rudolf Wande-mne, went straight a year ago and took the first job of his life. , Elam said an attempt would be made to place them in ■ foster home. Dlefenbeker's serv¬ ice* to country and party and pledged support for him as leader of the opposition.) SATISFIED Mr. He spoke to a meeting of Prince Edward Island Progres¬ sive Conservative Association. The result: A motion tote “since the leadership issue has been raised, k should be settled to: the heat interest* of to* party, "| Us nwdnn was passed. If that failed he would try to have them ad¬ mitted to the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home m a St. Camp stod after his scheduled speech to toe meet¬ ing, he made a second address dealing with toe leadership question. pti Ky leadership, president of the national Pro¬ gressive Conservative organiza¬ tion told the Colorist by te4e- Phpne His awn view is that leader¬ ship of the party should be questioned and decided. Russia Aims Rockets At Pacific Target MOSCOW (AP)—Soviet booster rocket* will be fired Into the Pacific Ocean about 1,800 miles east of Tokyo from Monday through Oct. The target is a circle with a'radius of 46 miles centred about 2,075 miles northwest of Honolulu.

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death tod mi etg Moked to Winda and water deotooysd hundreds of homes and (breed evacuation of another 30.000 officials aald. Marine guards and em- *,r i It , av ptoyea at toe U. embassy 1001 ™™ *' yards away stood by alto fire 1 Typhoon pa “ n «! ipg paper floated onto toe l miles an hour, blacking out y grou . “ Shin, nil: recorted high and h Wednesd H|gha 65 S low at Victoria 62 and 52^Tc, to 75 ^ 45 to 55 pyedpiu- ...

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