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Posted by / 25-Oct-2019 19:40

How long before a man in your life allows it to become real, that once he gets married sex goes out the window?

Or that being with the same woman for a long period of time is like eating the same meal, over and over again? (See video) Unfortunately, some of us buy into this thought process and chose to seek excitement elsewhere.

If you are told something over and over again, at what point does it become real?

If she is not, then he’s pissed because you’ve rebuked him.

Yep, it says that you really enjoy doing the nasty too! Why on earth do women hide the fact that they enjoy sex just as much or more than the next guy? Sex is a fact of life, it’s been going on since the beginning of time (thus the worlds population) and the billions of dollars generated by the industry itself.

You can try to deny it but not only men are looking at porn on the internet.

Everyone has needs, wants and desires and if women didn’t then there would be absolutely no market for adult toys.

Now, with all of this love making occurring throughout this planet why is it that men tend to feel the need to stray and conduct business outside of his current relationship?

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