Sex chatterbots

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Sex chatterbots

With the increase of technology in classrooms, the same technological increase can be assumed about libraries and due to this students are demanding more from their school libraries.

Utilizing a chatterbot to provide assistance in locating books in the library could be helpful in allowing librarians spend more time in assisting students with special requests.

An example of using a chatterbot for diagnostic testing would be as follows: during a reading comprehension test, students can silently read a given text and when finished, the chatterbot would ask the comprehension questions and record the responses in a database.

Using this method, several students could be tested at once rather than one at a time by a teacher.

Chatterbots have been shown to “enforce the learner’s spontaneous listening and understanding” (Jia and Chen, 2008, p. Diagnostic Testing Chatterbots can also be used to perform diagnostic testing on students.

However, with one teacher in the classroom and 25 or more students, it can also take away large amounts of precious class time, especially diagnostic testing for reading comprehension.

Due to varying sentence structures in other languages, a user may have difficulty formulating chatterbot recognizable questions.

A chatterbot can also have difficulty responding to multi-part and abstract questions.

As stated by Kerly, Hall, and Bull (2006), “offering different presentations of the same information may help students to think about their knowledge in different ways.

It is envisaged that all of these goals could be facilitated by a chatbot…”(p. In order for this benefit to manifest itself, the chatterbot must “incorporate design features that are appropriate for different cognitive styles” (Hsieh, 2011, p. When a student uses a chatterbot that is more suited towards his or her particular style of learning, greater benefit will be derived.

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