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Our live HD webcam on New York’s 42nd Street offers an extraordinary view of one of midtown Manhattan’s most buzzing arteries.42nd Street stretches from New York’s East River to the Hudson!

Ferries can, in fact, be spotted throughout the day as they head to the city docks.

[Read More...] If you enjoy the Rachel Barnhart roc-meida list Twitter feed that is featured above, visit the Roc Pic.

Com/News page for dual Rochester, NY Twitter feeds, plus three columns of Rochester, NY News headlines, filtered by me, aggregated by Google, and served up using RSS feeds.

Com - Week 2, Season 2 of open mic with Mitty and the Followers at Flour City Station, is now online for your information, listening, and viewing pleasure.

Season 2 picks up where season 1 left off, making for what I say is the best party in Rochester, NY on a Sunday afternoon (4pm - 8pm) .

If you are on a smartphone or tablet, everything will line up in a single column, for that just right fit.

If you are using a smartphone, or if you make the page narrow, every item on this page will line up in a single column for you to scroll through.I have been publishing photos, videos, and webcam images on this website for over 10 years, and it is taking a bit of compromise to marry the old format of web design with the new.While the new design utilizes Responsive Web Design (RWD), allowing the webpage to fit on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, I had to retain elements of the old format to display the webcams on various pages of this site.50 years later, I still own a pocket AM/FM radio that I use daily.But, thanks to the internet, I often have a major league baseball game, talk radio, and jazz music, playing as a mashup.

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