Sedating children for who is bachelorette emily dating

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Sedating children for

You are welcome to stay with your child until they are asleep and then again when they are in recovery until they are ready to go home.Your child will be admitted to the unit where they will be seen by a sedation nurse.Your child may need this scan to show the doctors detailed pictures of part of their body.Various types of scan such as ultrasound and x-rays can show the size and shape of parts of your child’s body but not in as much detail as a CT scan.We assess all children to see if they might benefit from sedation.Your appointment letter will state whether your child is having sedation so you can follow the instructions below to prepare them.On the day of the scan, wake your child at least one hour earlier than usual and try to keep themawake on the way to GOSH.

As so many children and young people need to use our services, we have had to introduce a policy where if a child cancels or does not attend two appointments in a row, we will close their referral and inform their GOSH consultant.

Some children need intravenous (into a vein) sedation as well as sedation medicine to swallow or sniff.

This is given at the same time as the contrast injection.

If the person bringing your child does not have Parental Responsibility, we may have to cancel the scan.

When you arrive at the hospital, you should report to the Otter Imaging department.

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If your daughter is 12 years old or older, we will ask her about her periods and any possibility thatshe could be pregnant.

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