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Sedating a dog at home

We've tried it with and without her favorite food as a reward (cheese of PB), and the vet isn't really helping.They just tell me "well keep trying" and refer me back to the instruction manual they gave me on high energy dogs, but I think they just want the money for the sedation.Make certain she has not had a meal at least 3-4 hours prior to giving it to her. Leave her alone and within 30 mins you will notice that she will be super relax.4- At that point one person controls her head, ideally with a muzzle and the other clips the nail.As far as clipping the nail:1- Do not clip the nail if you don't have quick stop (powder to stop bleeding); can buy at petstore. If you make the nail bleed do not worry; just use the quick stop directly on the bleeding nail and it will stop.

It’s best to administer the recommended dosage in food or on a treat.

There is an oral sedative that your vet can dispense, it is called Ace (Acepromazine).

Once you have the Ace this is how you do it: 1- Always do it in the day when your vet is open just in case you need to take her in.2- Give her the Ace inside of a treat like a little bit of peanut butter.

We started at 1 pill, worked our way up to 4 (which I don't feel comfortable doing) but she was still coherent enough that she freaks out when I start clipping.

We have been working with our vet to get her acclimated to them doing it, them doing it with me in the room, me doing it at home, etc for about 8 months now, and nothing's working.

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The first is partial sedation which describes a calm drowsy state of the pet.

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