Science dating muscular guys

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Researchers found women preferred the nice guy for a typical dating atmosphere but the passionate, unpredictable “bad boy” nearly always won out when it came to sex.

So, while women tend to prefer the ultra-nice guy for conversation and emotional wherewithal, we want the jerk with the muscles and the bad attitude to come home with us at night.

Not trying to be a true bodybuilder but I look gym enough for anyone to mention that I look like I lift. Do people think muscular guys are not capable of doing what I'm doing right now? Maybe he told his girlfriend about and she told him it was shallow but that's still there are scarce muscular guys out there who study science.

Too boring, common and linear to be just a great college student.

I know it's not high enough to enter post bach schools but I'll try my best and I think with everything I do and trying to do more than just a student makes up for it.

Researchers at Hartpury College in England studied 146 British women aged 18-24 and found even women with a high quantity of dating experience are still geared towards partners displaying narcissistic (read: assh*le) characteristics.

It doesn't matter how many times you've been burned; you just keep reaching out and touching the flame over and over again.

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Could go lower or higher since the classes I'm taking are harder but I know better know but still.

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