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I don't think I should really go into the details.

I put a towel around myself and put on my usual orange and black jumpsuit.

Naruto had his life figured out young, until he got divorced, lost his job and his place.

The first thing Sasuke said to the grinning blonde man was, 'I don't pay for sex.'The escort threw back his head in laughter, 'Let me guess!Mikoto likes to dress her boys up for family Christmas parties, and so does Kushina. As the village head, Naruto devotedly toils away day in and day out, not setting much time aside for self-care.This Christmas little Santa and Reindeer get to play with a cheerful blond Elf, only Sasuke wants him all to himself. When his old teammate and longtime friend shows up unexpectedly, reprimanding him for his severe lack of sleep, how do both men cope with their repressed feelings in their vulnerable and revealing states?The minute I sat down, one of the servants brought out a bowl of ramen, which I ate right away, happily in ramen heaven. ----------After a week, which seemed like forever, we were there at our destination's city. Father had just finished eating once I had gotten to the table, he was most likely going to see if the carriage was ready so we could leave once I was finished. "Hello, Prince Naruto-kun~..." She said, in a way I IMAGINE that she thought was seductive. Even before we started this trip, I felt a bit funny, and bored. I jumped out of the carriage, with the pain of sitting for a WEEK, and I fell on my face."Naruto! I told you to walk when we stopped for food and water, didn't I? Once I was standing, I saw that the city seemed to be in celebration. There were a lot of banners around the city that said"May it be a happy wedding for the two Royal bretrothed."I blushed and looked away, sad that I knew I wouldn't fall in love with her.

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Years later, at his boring job, he meets Sasuke, a real jerk who sits next to him at the district wide meetings.

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