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Kupala got the name Ivan after the baptizing of Russia, when he was replaced by John the Baptist (the way he was percepted by common people), who baptized Christ and whose birthday was celebrated on 24 June. In the old days Maslenitsa was for remembrance of the dead.

So the burning of the figure of Maslenitsa means her funeral, and blini (pancakes) – coliphia.

Russia is indeed a unique country, which, along with highly developed modern culture carefully preserves the national traditions deeply rooted not only in the Orthodox religion but also in paganism.

The Russians still celebrate pagan holidays, many people believe in numerous omens and legends.

Russian traditions develop little Russian girls into caring mothers and wives.

Since then, this Christian holiday has been widely celebrated all over Russia. Christmas is the holiday of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, whose advent gave people hope for mercy, kindness, truth and eternal life.

The Orthodox Church observes Christmas according to the Julian Calendar, on January 7, while Western churches celebrate it on December 25, in accordance with the Gregorian Calendar. Even in the time of the ancient pagan deity Ancient Russians used to have Kupalo, the God of summer fertility.

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