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Radcalendar selected date not updating

I hope this is useful for those times when you need ultimate control over rendering of a chart. To match the color, we use the same modulus to get index and assign it to a Rad Border that creates a thick bar underneath the text.60 minutes), after which time you have to request another access_token. You go back to step #1 above, but this would require the user re-enter their credentials.

You can view the entire solution in this Git Hub Gist. The first thing you’ll need to understand is how the platform’s drawing library makes arcs.Now we can move on to the Effect definition that lives in the class library project.The class defines the rest of items I listed above, I’ve called out how the event is invoked, thus subscribers to the vent will have their event handlers executed.One of the more frustrating things for me is not being able to debug a problem. If you need more complex setup, I recommend the Rad Pie Chart itself, which is far more feature complete than drawing a few arcs 🙂 Almost every developer I speak with agrees that getting a nicely working OAuth flow can be difficult. Authentication)) This works just like a Message Dialog, but instead will show a Web View for the user to sign in, or automatically sign them in silently if they were previously logged in. See this tweet for a video of what it looks like when it automatically logs you in and here’s a screenshot what it looks like when the dialog needs to appear: MVP Companion has been updated with an all new, lightweight, authentication system.After updating my UWP app’s Target SDK to 18362 (Windows 10 1903), I was no longer able to compile. that I had to dig out of the msbuild logs: Unhandled Exception: System. After much trial and error, I’ve built a UWP Content Dialog that makes this easy and has built-in refresh token support. It logs you in automatically or shows a small dialog.

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This could have been done in the same loop as creating the slice, but having a separate loop lets you decide to use a legend or not. This time we use the Title property of the data point to create the text.

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