Pedo dating white man dating indian girl

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Pedo dating

I would almost define male courtship as coercion to be honest.

This goes back to the double standard I was talking about earlier.

I don't know what the fuck they did, but Kaitlyn Hunt (the older one) was charged with lewd and lascivious acts with a minor after the other girl's mother found out. ) Well since Kate is a hot popular blonde white girl that likes pussy, she's gotten over 50,000 people to sign a petition to have the charges dropped.

She has been offered a plea of 2 years house arrest, but the problem is either way this will cause her to have a sex offense on her record, and therefore make her a sex offender that most people would probably want to still fuck anyway.

As for this case, yeah I do think women tend to be seen more sympathetically in these situations.

This is due mainly to the incorrect programming of seeing all of them as victims rather than aggressors in sexual situations. Yes sexual assault happens and it's horrible, it's the projection of gender roles I'm calling b.s on. There is still a "protective" aspect of women in our society that attempts to shield women from the harsh conditions we find acceptable for men.

How is what inherently any less predatory than if it was a man?

In that same logic though, you can say that activism towards allowing two consenting people within 3 years of age to make their own choices without legalities can't be compared to campaigning for more civil wars in Central and South American countries so you can alter your state of being. I find it funny that within the 3-year timeframe, I would be child-molesting my 22-year old ex-girlfriend had we known each other 7 years ago.

To be frank, bank robbers aren't barred from living near money, nor carjackers forced into Amish communities on dirt roads.

But for whatever reason pedos receive a "lifetime" sentence.

Why not just sentence them to life in prison if you feel they committed such a terrible act?

In Florida alone, these laws have led to the creation of creepy sex offender colonies because areas have raced to outdo each other in shitting on convicted and released felons, rather than inexpensively rehabilitate and reintegrate them into society.

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But this does just look to be a case where kids who happen to be a couple years apart ended up on opposite legality lines. This is the Constitutional Republic country that utilizes petitions to select the best karaoke singers on national tv and potato chip flavors.

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