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For a lot of us, religion plays a huge role in our daily lives.It’s important in how we spend our time, what morals we hold dear, how we conduct ourselves, and how we raise our kids.We’re never advocates of rigid checklists when selecting a mate, but when it comes to your faith, we understand that can and should be a deal breaker if it’s important to you.Before you start dating in any capacity, you need to figure out just how important your faith is to you.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

We’re not saying that everyone on a Christian dating site is going to be the greatest, but we are saying you’re going to find A LOT more potential matches that align with your belief system.

In traditional dating, it’s mentioned that talking about religion on the first few dates is a no-no.

Here’s the good news about Christian online dating websites. You’ll have people that are new Christians and people that have been Christians for decades.

You’ll have people rock solid in their faith and those still trying to figure things out.

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We HIGHLY recommend choosing one of these dedicated Christian sites if your faith is important to you and is something you want in a potential mate.