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Oldest site in america updated dating

1959 Royal Montreal is the oldest golf club in continuous existence in North America, having been founded in 1873, when eight gentlemen met in an office at the docks.It received its Royal title from Queen Victoria in 1884, the ninth club to obtain a Royal title.1895 The original course of the Chicago Golf Club was the first 18-hole course in North America.Its founder was Charles Blair Macdonald, who used to play golf on 7 holes on ‘Bluff’s Edge with two American friends, the landowner CB Farwell and Hobart Chatfield-Taylor.The initial course of 12 holes was designed by Willie Davis from the Royal Montreal Club and opened in summer 1891.In 1894, Willie Dunn himself added 6 more holes to make it an 18-hole course.Three dates are given for each club where available.

Oakhurst Links are reported to have been laid out in 1884 by Russell Montague, with the first recorded match in 1888.

1894 Shinnecock Hills Golf Club was founded in 1891, and has the oldest extant 18-hole golf course, as well as the oldest golf clubhouse, started in 1892 in America.

It was also the first club in America to admit women, which it did from the start, and possibly the second in the world to do so, after Aldeburgh GC in England.

In 1896 Shinnecock hosted the second US Open, when low scoring led to criticism of the course.

Thus in 1901 the popular ladies 9-hole course, laid out in 1893, was taken to lengthen and improve the course.

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31 January 2014 This is a brief overview of the oldest golf clubs, courses and 18-hole courses in North America, without in-depth research.