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Posted by / 27-Nov-2020 14:02

Okcupid never pay for online dating

Even if it's been restored, you're going to be suspended again, again, and again, for literally no reason.

Starting today, the site's users no longer see a major data point that has been standard for nearly a decade: the "visitors" tab. "A person who visits your profile and chooses not to follow up with a 'like' or a message probably (read: definitely) isn't worth your time." To understand this "visitor" tab's potential value, here's a brief explainer.

In short, a user could look through and see who looked at , which is a potentially quicker path to determining who out there might have actually tapped "like" on you.

(Without real-life cues like body language, online dating users can benefit from round-about paths to finding potential interest.

For that matter, Ok Cupid keeps hitting you up for boosting your rating after you become a member. As soon as you sign up, your account will often be automatically suspended as they "review" it, however, if you don't contact them about it, they'll never restore it.

And even if you do, they probably won't restore it either.

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Ok Cupid works differently than GPS-fueled dating apps like Tinder, since it's a product of an older dating-service generation.