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Nerd dating chicago

We've got tickets to give away for our geeky singles mixers (admission is normally ).Our events are called Dating for Nerds, and it's sort of like speed dating, but in groups and with board games, drink specials, trivia and an icebreaker.I have been to this event many times and can endorse it. All LGBTers and hetero women, we still have some spots left.There is usually a pretty good mix between genders and I have met several great women. Straight guys, we're monitoring the gender balance and will follow up with you to let you know if we have more openings.That bit of rope is called a slackline, and if you dive into nerd dating you can bet your ears that you’ll end up teetering around on one at some point.

When you’re geek dating, you’re free from the weighty shackles of dull conversation.

Banished are monotonous soliloquies on the sheer of Sarah copping off with Brad at the party last weekend.

Now that we’re all just a bunch of geeks dating nerds dating geeks, the whole world is our conversational oyster!

Nerdiness, we have therefore discovered, is a spectrum; a spectrum upon which we all are scattered, like a deck of anime playing cards upon a sticky dining room table. See, being cool 24/7 requires effort, and everyone knows that effort is for nerds.

So what can be gained from coupling up with a geek? Therefore, if we trace this odd helter-skelter of what classifies as cool and uncool to its logical conclusion, we are left with the warming realisation that, actually, the coolest people of all are those society would dub as nerds – the ones who like what they like and couldn’t care less what the rest of us have to say about it.

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We've got two events coming up (hetero on May 9 from 7-10 p.m.

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