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Neodating ru

It started after the 30-year-old blogger, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, alleged about a week ago that local digital and social media marketing company Gushcloud got its influencers to mask paid advertorials as reviews and pump up their blog page views, among other accusations.

Gushcloud's CEO and co-founder Vincent Ha, 30, then posted a lengthy reply, refuting her claims.

The term has been used often in the ongoing Xiaxue vs Gushcloud spat.

"On Instagram, the pictures that get the most engagement are those of my outfits and pretty dresses from Club Couture, and make-up and skincare brands, as my friends and followers are mainly female," she says.

She adds that she writes only about products and services that she has "tried and tested and actually really like", and there are non-sponsored products that she has written about too.

"I manage a core group of writers and bloggers through my network, calibrate their digital direction and work through our network's services and consultancy." His company has signed on about 200 influencers.

Nuffnang has more than 60,000 bloggers but says about 100 of them are the more influential ones. These people have wide-ranging interests, so their social media feeds showcase everything: their daily lives, what they wear, the beauty products they use, where they travel to and even their fitness regimens.

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