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Domestic violence is an important issue in Mexican culture.According to the BBC News, Mexico City, article "Domestic Violence Stalks Mexican Women," over 6,000 women and girls were murdered between 19.Mexicos currency is the Mexican peso which has an exchange rate of 18 peso to 1 US$.

Mainstream soap opera television shows even portray gruesome violence towards women, which desensitizes some people to believe that domestic violence is normal. She graduated from Flagler College with a Bachelor of Arts in history and Vanderbilt University with a Master of Education in elementary education.

Women have the role of educating their children about morality and religion.

Mexico has a predominant Catholic faith, which significantly influences women's roles.

They typically have completed less education than men have completed and earn less money than they earn.

Men and women have different roles in their marriages that give them different opportunities and authority.

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Mexican brides typically become accustomed to being housewives and full-time mothers.