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The Hardy Boyz used a cruiserweight, fast-paced high flying style in their matches, often leaping from great heights to do damage to their opponents (and themselves in the process).

In 1999, while feuding with Edge and Christian, the duo briefly picked up Michael Hayes as a manager.

A night later at a taping of WWF Wrestling Challenge, he lost a match against Owen Hart.

He continued to wrestle sporadically in the WWF throughout 19, losing matches against Crush, Razor Ramon, Hakushi, Owen Hart, the imposter Undertaker, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and "The Ringmaster" Steve Austin.

Hardy and his family are often featured in their social media presence and has been worked into both Matt Hardy's "Broken" and "Woken" characters, melding family life with the fictional wrestling world.

Hardy portrayed himself in the 2013 Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies movie and has made various television appearances outside of wrestling.

In 2002, Hardy began a solo career in WWE and his subsequent "Version 1" persona was named Best Gimmick by Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Hardy defeated Jeff and Lita the following night on Raw in a two-on-one handicap match.

after both Matt and Jeff signed with the World Wrestling Federation.

Hardy worked as a jobber for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) from 1994 up until he signed a full-time contract in 1998.

At the beginning of 2002, it seemed Team Xtreme had patched things up.

After the brand extension, however, Hardy was relegated to Heat while Jeff wrestled on the main show, Raw.

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