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Mark harmon and cote de pablo dating

But they're not the only potential match at NCIS, though one of the other agents has had a much rougher go at relationships than Bishop.Gibbs (Mark Harmon) had a brief entanglement with Jenny (Lauren Holly) when they worked together before she became NCIS Director, but like all of his relationships after Shannon, several of which we've seen onscreen, it was never going to work out.And so Weatherly ended an emotional episode without his trademark smirks or wisecracks, handing in a tear-soaked season finale that finally confirmed Di Nozzo’s relationship with Ziva went beyond a tarmac kiss a few seasons back.The finale also saw a return by Robert Wagner, who has recurred as Di Nozzo’s dad, this time around encouraging his son to take some time for an emotional breather.(Gibbs did just burn Rule 10, so who's to say another won't suffer the same fate?) And the series has teased a couple possibilities between coworkers in recent seasons.

It may not always be pretty and there have been some hiccups, but overall, they've shown that partners can work together to follow in those footsteps and introduce a relationship between team members or at least a significant new romance for one of the team? We're not saying we need to see it onscreen all the time, or even as often as Kensi and Deeks' on , but it is time to explore the lives of the agents on Gibbs' team outside of work.

But even if that does happen, it's likely that the most successful (and in many ways prominent) relationship of the series will remain Mc Gee (Sean Murray) and Delilah's (Margo Harshman), and that may be because she only recurs.

(She's been in 14 episodes since Season 11 and only one in Season 16.) Through them, we've seen that agents can have a family — they've gone from dating to living together to getting engaged to getting married to having kids — but it's not the same as showcasing a relationship between coworkers, like one of these potential romances would do.

“I know how much Ziva really loved you,” the ever-goth forensics expert Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) told Di Nozzo in a tearful goodbye. She told me.” Di Nozzo had hug fests with Mc Gee and agent Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham), and Harmon’s Gibbs, of course, before heading home to the little girl he never knew.

While Rule 12 ("Never date a coworker") does tend to rule out the possibility of one between teammates, it has been bent and broken over the years.

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Fans kept waiting for something to happen between Tony and Ziva after the partners shared some more than friendly stares and moments, but it wasn't until she was leaving and then presumed dead that anything truly happened.